Sunday, April 17, 2011

Caveman Udyr's A.M.A! and some love from a Cacti!

So it turns out Caveman Udyr wanted more face time so he decided to start answering one of our three fan emails! 

So here is the premier issue of Caveman Udyr's A.M.A! Prepare for some deep insight and riviting discussion starring that jerk from the jungle, Caveman Udyr!

Wow thanks Udyr! do you have any questions for Udyr? send them to: 


And it also looks like we have some Fan-imation! coming at us like a cleaver it's Cacti's giffy-goodness! Here we have a super fun bubbling tarpit and smoking volcano title card! thanks so much Cacti! 


Looks like that's all for today fearsome followers! Thanks for joining us on our time-trek!